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Escalator InjuriesAside from elevators and stairs, escalators are a common way to get from one floor to another, especially in places like Maryland shopping centers.

People don't usually think of escalators as dangerous, or that they pose any sort of threat. However, when they malfunction, are not properly built and/or maintained, or are not regularly inspected, a disaster may occur.

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Common Injuries From Escalator Accidents

Each year, approximately 7,000 of these accidents occur in the United States. Most cases involve falls, and approximately 1,200 cases involved body parts or clothing articles becoming sucked into the bottom of the base where the stairs disappear into.

These bases are required to have a certain amount of "teeth" that are not spaced too far apart, so that such incidents would not occur.

Escalator accidents may cause injuries such as:

  • Loss of skin
  • Bone fractures
  • Bloody gashes
  • Permanent scarring
  • Trauma
  • Death

While adults are involved in these types of accidents all the time, children are more prone to them. More than half of children who take a sudden fall on an escalator become entrapped at the bottom.

Some escalators have a red, emergency stop button nearby in case this happens, so that the stairs will stop moving inside the base and therefore prevent further injury.

However, most lack this feature.

Another type of common escalator accident occurs when it suddenly stops or breaks down out of nowhere, therefore causing people to stumble to the bottom and injuring themselves.

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