Our medical malpractice lawyers are currently investigating claims of injuries suffered as a result of the da Vinci Surgical System. We believe that many patients suffering injuries and death as a result of surgeons using the da Vinci Surgical Robot without being properly trained on how to use the device. The cost of surgery using the da Vinci system is typically over $1,000 more than traditional surgery.

Injuries caused by the da Vinci system include wrongful death, torn organs, ripped tendons, cartilage and organs. The da Vinci system works via a remotely operated robot and it supposed to provide a less invasive surgery without as large an incision. Research has established that a surgeon needs to perform over 100 surgery cases with the da Vinci Robot before being proficient in the use of this device.

The da Vinci robot is very expensive. It costs over $1 Million dollars, and in addition to that it costs a lot of money to maintain each year. With the high costs, hospitals are rushing doctors to perform da Vinci surgeries before they are trained and proficient on the device.

Research is surfacing that indicates that the risks of using the da Vinci surgical system outweigh its benefits. The ACOG and Kaiser Insurance have openly been critical of the Da Vinci system.

If you or a loved one has had surgery with the da Vinci system and suffered a torn artery or torn organ or other injuries, please contact a personal injury attorney at Goldberg Finnegan, LLC at (888) 213-8140.