It has been known for years that over 98,000 Americans are needlessly dying every year at the hands of health care providers. Over 98,000!

And yet, these ghastly figures continue even though they could be prevented. Dead by Mistake is a website with patient sagas and other information that demonstrates some of the numerous preventable medical errors. This website was created by journalists from across the country and provides important and moving information for you – they chronicle 2,000,000 – that’s Two MILLION – preventable deaths over the past 10 years due to medical errors.

Take charge of your medical care. Get the information you should know so that medical malpractice / medical negligence hopefully does not happen to you or anyone you love. The insurance industry and health care industry refuse to accept responsibility and care for people the way you should be treated. The only way measures will be taken to decrease or prevent these errors is by holding the health care providers and the system accountable in a court of law. That is what our system of justice allows. That is what trial lawyers like those at Goldberg Finnegan do.

If your mother died from cancer because the radiologist misread her mammogram, calling it normal when it was not, contact a lawyer to hold them accountable. If your daughter was born with neurological problems and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy because the obstetrician or midwife ignored the warning signs on the fetal heart rate monitor and did not deliver her at a time to prevent the brain damage, contact a lawyer to hold them accountable. If you have been injured by medical negligence, let us protect your rights.

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