Yesterday a 4 year old boy was attacked by a pit bull named “pimp” in District Heights which is in P.G. County, Maryland. The boy suffered terrible injuries from this dog bite and may lose his eyesight. Pit Bulls have been heavily regulated in Prince George’s County Maryland since 1997. Victims who have been attacked and injured by an aggressive dog should consult with a Silver Spring dog bite lawyer to find out if they have legal options.

The Prince George’s County Code Provides that “The owner shall maintain the dog within a building or a secure kennel at all times. Whenever the dog is removed from the building or kennel it shall be secured by an unbreakable or not severable leash and maintained under the control of an adult.”

Many other counties in Maryland have similar code provisions. Animal Control authorities have quarantined the dog, and the boy is being treated for his injuries at John’s Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute.

Any person who is injured by a dog bite, including a pit bull, has a potential negligence claim against the dog owner. Such claims are often covered under homeowner insurance policies (but some policies exclude this coverage). Our law firm (Kevin Finnegan and Tad Farrington) has handled many pit bull and dog bite cases and we have received large verdicts for dog bite victims. One such case generated a reported opinion in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. Even if there is not a code provision on point, a negligence claim can be brought against the owner of the dog. If you have been injured by a dog bite contact one of our Silver Spring personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of a dog bite, our Maryland Dog Bite law firm can help. We will conduct a fact investigation (obtain animal control records), determine if the dog had a dangerous past history, and locate insurance coverage that may exist. Call us at (888) 213-8140.