We are looking to speak with consumers who feel that they have been misled by Energy Drink companies such as Monster Energy Drink, Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy and Rockstar. Many teenagers, young adults and even professional athletes have consumed these energy drinks thinking that they were ingesting only nutrients and ingredients that were good for their body. In fact, energy drinks can be dangerous-especially for anyone with an underlying heart condition. If you were a purchaser of Energy Drinks and feel that you were misled contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling (888) 213-8140.

Energy Drink companies such as Monster Energy Drink and Red Bull seem to market their product to teenagers and young adults with the misleading assumption that they are healthy and just give you a burst of energy. In fact, most of these drinks are packed with sugar, caffeine and other herbal supplements. Pediatricians are warning children and teenagers not to drink energy drinks.

For more information about energy drinks, visit the Goldberg Finnegan Energy Drink Information Center and if you have suffered serious side effects after consuming an energy drink, contact a Silver Spring personal injury attorney from our law firm today.