Americas obesity epidemic has become one of the most pervasive health battles facing our nation today. It is no surprise that since the advent of gastric bypass surgery hundreds of thousands have opted for a surgical answer to the problem. While weight loss offers a tremendous amount of health benefits for obese patients, gastric bypass surgery may be not be the best option.

The Mayo Clinic lists risks associated with gastric bypass (or bariatric surgery, as it is also known,) to be excessive bleeding, infection, gastrointestinal leakage and, in some cases, death. Our firm has also seen individuals suffer from malnutrition after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Because of the nature of the surgery, long term side effects include bowel obstruction, hernias, and gallstones, among other complications.

Sadly, there have been deaths from this surgery. Current statistics estimate that about 2% of people undergoing gastric bypass will die as a result. While the complication is rare, it is possible. In 2007 a lawsuit was settled for $4.5 million over the death of a woman who underwent this dangerous surgery. Filed in Missouri, this was, at the time, one of the largest medical malpractice settlements ever awarded in the state. Although Goldberg Finnegan did not handle this particular case, we have experienced medical malpractice lawyers in D.C. who have successfully prosecuted medical malpractice cases related to gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery, though helpful for some as a last resort, can have very real and irreversible consequences. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit for gastric bypass when it is done incorrectly by the doctor may be an option depending on your circumstances, so if you have suffered serious injury as a result of your surgery consulting a medical malpractice lawyer is advisable.

Were you or someone you love the victim of gastric bypass surgery’s side effects?

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