We are proud to announce that Kevin Finnegan and Josh Sturman successfully wrapped up two trials last month. During the first week of October, the firm represented a Florida physician who was visiting family in Maryland over the Thanksgiving holiday. As she was driving to meet her family for dinner, a driver ran a red light and caused a T-bone accident that totaled the victims vehicle.

Upon impact, the victim was struck in the face by the vehicles airbag. She was taken to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with a head injury, whiplash injury, cervical straightening and blunt force trauma to the chest. She also suffered from post-concussion syndrome for several months after the crash, which impacted her ability to drive and work. Medical testimony during the case established that she had a permanent strain/sprain injury to her neck. While Allstate Insurance Co. attempted to settle the claim for $22,000, a Montgomery County jury returned a verdict in the amount of $55,000.

On Oct. 14, 2015, the firm closed a case for a 24-year-old woman whose vehicle was rear-ended in Washington D.C. while she was on her way home from a night out with friends. The impact of the rear-end crash totaled her vehicle.

The victim went to the emergency room and was evaluated for whiplash injury, cervical straightening and sprain/strain to her back. The victim followed up with a chiropractor for four weeks, then visited her primary care doctor for medication for her back nearly one year later. Later that year, she was seen by an orthopedic doctor and received epidural steroid injections into her lumbar spine by a pain management doctor. State Farm Insurance Co. tried to settle the claim for $7,000. A Prince Georges County jury returned a verdict of $58,500. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, contact the experienced lawyers at Goldberg Finnegan for a free legal consultation.