This just in: testing finds more listeria in Jeni’s ice cream, this time at its Columbus ice cream plant. According to the company’s CEO, testing suggests listeria was present in other pints, from the same batch as the pint that initially tested positive for listeria. It all began last week when a random sample of ice cream tested positive for the Listeria monocytogenes bacteria, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams recalled all of its products. This recall includes all products bearing the Jeni’s brand name.

While Jeni’s is not aware of anyone getting sick from the contamination, as a precautionary measure Jeni’s also announced it is temporarily closing its 20 stores around the United States. Meanwhile, Blue Bell products have been linked to three Listeria-related deaths and several illnesses. Last week, after two samples tested positive for Listeria, Blue Bell recalled all of its products.

Questions and scrutiny surround the recalls since Listeria is rarely found in ice cream because it can’t grow at freezing temperatures. The bacteria is found in soil and water and it can be tracked into a manufacturing facility, carried by animals or spread by employees not using proper sanitation practices. Investigators say they are looking into whether the two discoveries are related. Listeria is a bacterium that causes nausea, headaches, abdominal pain and diarrhea in healthy people. Listeria can be deadly especially among those with weak immune systems. It can also cause pregnant women to miscarry.

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