If you were injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another party and were forced to miss work, you could be eligible for compensation for these lost wages. Having a quality attorney represent your claim can be very important as you seek full compensation for lost wages.

Goldberg Finnegan is a trusted law firm with over two decades of legal experience and a proven record of obtaining favorable verdicts and settlements. Our attorneys work on contingency, which means you pay us nothing until and unless we win your case. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about lost wages claims and how we can assist you in your time of need.

What Qualifies as Lost Income?

Depending on the benefits your employer offers there could be multiple forms of lost income that may be available in an injury claim:

  • Base pay – This would include your regular wages you would have earned had you not been too injured to work.
  • Overtime – If you were expected to earn overtime pay, you may be able to include it in your claim.
  • Sick days – If you were forced to use your sick days while you were injured, you may be able to be reimbursed for it.
  • Vacation days – As with sick days, you could recover compensation if you were forced to use vacation days while you were injured.
  • Bonus days – These are any other days you would have earned wages such as personal days, comp days and national holidays.
  • Commissions and bonuses – If you were expected to reach or gain certain commissions or bonuses, you could demand these payments if your injury stopped you from getting them.
  • Benefits – If you were receiving benefits from your employer such as health and life insurance, profit-sharing, stock options or transportation allowance, you may be able to include these in your lost wages claim.
  • Retirement contributions – For example, you may be able to recover compensation for what you would have contributed to your retirement plan.

If you can think of any other wages or benefits you would have earned while you were injured, be sure to mention them to your lawyer. Contact Goldberg Finnegan to schedule a free consultation with a Silver Spring personal injury lawyer. We charge zero lawyer fees unless we recover compensation for your claim.

Calculating Lost Income

Calculating lost income and being able to prove it is no easy task without the help of an experienced legal professional. It is important to hire a qualified lawyer to help you pursue full compensation for lost wages.

Our lawyers manage these claims regularly, we know how to review your situation to determine what to include in your claim, along with documents needed to prove your lost income. You may need to provide your most recent pay stubs and income tax forms such as a W2 or W9 if you are an independent contractor.

Pursue Your Lost Income with the Help of a Legal Professional

If you need legal advice to help you recover lost income and other damages related to your accident, contact the law office of Goldberg Finnegan to schedule a no-cost review of your claim. Our attorneys understand the difficulties individuals and families face when they cannot work due to an injury. If you have a valid case, we can help you pursue maximum compensation. You will not be obligated to hire us, and we do not receive any payments from you unless we win compensation for your claim, so there are no risks involved.