Outpatient cosmetic and surgical procedures done at unregulated facilities can be dangerous. This is a growing problem in Maryland because there is no state licensure requirement for outpatient surgical centers. By contrast, hospitals where surgical procedures are traditionally done, are subject to State and Federal oversight and often have better safety procedures in place.

An example of this problem has occurred at Monarch Med Spa in Timonium, Maryland. A woman died and two others have acquired infections after having liposuction procedures done at Monarch Med Spa in Timonium, Maryland. State of MD Inspectors shut the surgical center down on Wednesday. According to the Washington Post, State officials have indicated that it is likely that the facility did not have proper infection control practices in place. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the lady who died.

State officials are urging anyone who had procedures done at Monarch Med Spa and who are concerned about infection, to check with their doctors immediately.

The woman who died apparently acquired a bacterial infection known as invasive streptococcal infection (Group A Streptococcus). When bacterial infections like this infect body systems such as the blood, muscle and lungs, it is also known as “invasive GAS disease.” GAS Disease has about a 10 to 15 % mortality rate. Perhaps the most severe kind is necrotizing fasciitis (Flesh Eating Bacteria)

Shockingly, cosmetic surgery centers (all outpatient procedure centers for that matter) in Maryland are not subject to State licensing or oversight. Hopefully the Maryland Legislature can address this issue in the 2012 Legislative Session. Peter Provost, a Senior Executive at John’s Hopkins Health Care has said that the increasing number of outpatient procedure centers including outpatient surgery centers poses risks to consumers and, according to the Washington Post indicated that “It’s a bit of the Wild West out there, ….There’s no oversight…..We have closer inspections of restaurants than we have of health care.”

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