More than 30 million recalled vehicles, 80 percent of which have not been fixed, are endangering millions of Americans.

The Department of Transportation’s recent report details the procedural problems that have led to the safety failures.

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Department of Transportation Audits NHTSA

An audit of the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) conducted by the Department of Transportation was released on Monday, June 23, 2015.

The audit assessed how the NHTSA investigates auto safety complaints and issues recalls.

The audit noted several problems at the NHTSA, including:

  • Low staffing levels
  • Deficient employee training
  • Improper follow-up with non-compliant auto companies
  • Improper screening of consumer complaints

The report found that the agency set aside more than 90 percent of consumer complaints, and inadequately screened the remaining 10 percent of the complaints. The audits authors recommended extensive improvements at the NHTSA in order to improve the agency’s ability to analyze vehicle safety data and determine when a vehicle safety issue warrants an in-depth investigation.

8th Takata Airbag Death Announced

Takata provides 20 percent of the airbags used by the auto industry, and is considered to be among the top four airbag providers in the world.

The Japanese auto suppliers airbags have been linked to eight deaths that were cause by airbags exploding upon impact and sending shrapnel into the torsos of vehicle occupants.

The earliest reports of the Takata airbag defects occurred in 2004 when Honda received notice. However, Honda did not begin recalling vehicles until 2008, and the majority of vehicles were recalled in 2014-2015.

More than 30 million cars have been recalled in relation to the Takata airbag issue.

Car Recalled and Involved in an Accident? Get Help.

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Between the GM ignition switch debacle and the ongoing Takata recall saga, the last few years have been filled with recall turmoil for the automotive industry.

There are very few families who have not been affected by the near-constant recalls.

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