A recent study conducted by AAA has found that over the last five years, 16 million American drivers have incurred $15 billion in damage to their cars as a result of potholes. That equates to almost $3 billion a year.

Impact with a pothole can result in tire punctures and bent wheels, damage to suspension, and can even result in serious accidents when a driver loses control of their vehicle.

Unfortunately, it seems that drivers who have been the victim of damage caused by a pothole tend to see this kind of damage more frequently – on average, as many as three times over the course of five years. Those repairs add up quickly. Many American drivers report spending $300 to repair damage from potholes.

In order to avoid or minimize damage to vehicles, AAA suggests that drivers who are unable to take alternate routes should exercise caution on roads that have been a problem in the past, staying alert and allowing a safe amount of distance between themselves and any vehicle ahead.

If you are unable to avoid an oncoming pothole, it is important that you lower your speed, straighten your steering and release your brakes before impact. Tires that are inflated properly and in good condition are your best defense against potential damage when driving over an unavoidable pothole.

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