Yesterday our good friends David Kopstein and Barry Leibowitz obtained a verdict in a shoulder dystocia case in Manassas Virginia (Prince William County, VA).

The Virginia jury verdict in this shoulder dystocia case was in the amount of $2.55 million. The case involved a 5-year-old Hispanic boy with a 5-level injury.

We congratulate the family for having the courage to pursue the lawsuit and for the lawyers in obtaining a fantastic verdict.

The challenges that a family with a severely disabled child with cerebral palsy or Erb’s Palsy from shoulder dystocia face are long-term and, quite frankly, unimaginable to those who have not ever had to face these challenges.

The best part about a shoulder dystocia/Erb’s Palsy verdict in a case like this is that the child will have the money needed to obtain medical care to maximize his chance to live a more productive life.

The injury lawyers at Goldberg Finnegan are available to review birth injury cases including shoulder dystocia cases and cerebral palsy cases. We have two attorneys who are also registered nurses. This allows us to review birth injury cases for merit relatively quickly. There is no charge to have your case reviewed by our medical-legal team. While we hope that your family or friends are never impacted by serious medical negligence, we are always here should you need to talk with us.