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Silver Spring Slip & Fall LawyersA slip and fall injury may result in lost wages, exorbitant medical bills from surgeries and doctors visits, stress and physical pain. Because some commercial and residential owners do not take liability seriously, you may suffer the consequences.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident in Montgomery County, it is wise to seek legal counsel from a slip and fall lawyer - you may be eligible for compensation.

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How Slip and Fall Injuries Occur

Slip and fall injuries may happen because of various reasons. The following are seven typical causes of a slip, trip and fall accident:

    • Poor lighting Inadequate lighting makes it hard to see stairway steps, obstacles or changes in walking surfaces. Going from a lit space into darkness may cause temporary vision loss that can end in a fall.
    • Cluttered floors Tripping hazards may be merchandise stacked in aisles, trash, or debris.
    • Holes Whether it is potholes, trenches or any other kind of opening in the ground, they should be filled in or marked with warning signs. Temporary fencing might be placed around holes.
    • Damaged sidewalks. Sidewalks with gaps between sidewalk segments or cracks in paving stones may cause tripping and falling.
    • Icy areas. Snow and ice that builds up on walkways, stairs, sidewalks and in parking lots are the responsibility of the property owner and should be removed so falls do not happen.
    • Slippery floors. Whether from tracked-in snow or a spill, floors should be quickly cleaned up. After floors are cleaned, signs should be placed in visible spots to warn people of wet floors.
    • Damaged stairs and floors. Loose floor tiles, torn carpet, broken stair treads or handrails should not be neglected by property owners.

Where Slip and Fall Injuries Occur

Whether at a private residence or a commercial property, slip and fall accidents can happen at places like:

Parks - Children or adults may be injured on playgrounds or in parks. Holes in athletic fields, work equipment such as tools left out in the open or play equipment that has not been maintained might cause an accident.

Nursing homes - Older people living in assisted-living facilities or nursing home environments may suffer a slip and fall.

Department stores -  Managers are responsible for making sure that spills are promptly cleaned up, signs are put up to warn visitors when floors are wet, and aisles shouldn't be difficult to navigate due to merchandise or debris.

Performance arenas - Stadiums, theaters, and arenas may have multi-levels. If elevators, escalators, ramps and stairways are not free of debris and clutter, trip and falls may occur. Seating and bleachers must be maintained well so they do not lead to injuries.

Workplaces - Common occupational injuries may result from falls. There are state and federal regulations designed to help protect employees by requiring employers to provide safety equipment and training to avoid falls on the job. Construction sites, offices or manufacturing plants are a few examples.

Restaurants - Whether fast food or sit-down restaurants, falls may happen because of spills, trash or clutter.

Private residences - Visitors at a private home can slip and fall just like at a commercial location. Homeowners are responsible for the safety of their visitors.

Common Injuries

Due to the unexpected nature of a slip and fall accident, an individual can suffer serious injuries in this type of incident. Some of the most common include:

    • Broken bones
    • Bruising
    • Concussion
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Whiplash
    • Dental damage
    • Pinched nerves
    • Sprains

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