On Saturday March 15, 2010 MAJ Members and our dedicated MAJ staff showed up in Baltimore City to distribute and install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors with the Baltimore City Fire Department. Representatives from the Mayor’s office and Baltimore City Council Member Agnes Welch were also there in the rain to help us out. We managed to distribute and install a bunch of the detectors before we had to wrap things up due to the weather. The remaining smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that MAJ Members purchased will be installed at a later date by the fire department.

In the past two years, MAJ has raised over $9,000.00 for this project. David Wildberger has done an amazing job coordinating this effort. Thank you to everyone who participated in the distribution this year including those who showed up in the monsoon on Saturday: Jessica Bhagam, David Wildberger, Robert Zarbin, David Walls, Michele Linck, Ashley Hodak and Jenna Kellam.

Thank you to everyone who donated money to this effort and to those who helped with the distribution!

Kevin I. Goldberg – Personal injury lawyer.
President, Maryland Association for Justice