My cousin Judith Storey works for the Patient Advocacy Foundation, a non-profit in Hampton, Virginia. I find what she does fascinating and thought it might be a useful resource for our clients and friends in Virginia. The group administers the Virginia Cares Uninsured Program and they assist patients struggling to pay their medical bills who have chronic and severe illnesses.

The goal of the group is to ensure access to care. In the past 12 months the group has helped well over a thousand new patients relieving them of about $3.4 million in health care costs and prescription medication costs through write offs, reductions and grants. The group will make phone calls and persistently advocate on behalf of its clients to try to be sure that the patients are not overcharged, and when appropriate, they seek charity write offs on behalf of their patients. It typically takes about 45 days and over a dozen phone calls to accomplish this in each particular case.

Many of those who the group helps have health insurance, but due to serious illness are overwhelmed by co-pays and deductibles. Many of those assisted have been affected by layoffs and closures like what occurred at the International Paper Mill outside Franklin, VA.

My cousin Judith Storey has recently been named the Headquarters Assistant Director and I am very proud of the work that she does.

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