We all want to trust our doctors and hospitals, we expect them to do all in their power to help us with an illness and to take special care when performing surgery. Unfortunately not all cases have a happy ending, sometimes a surgeon may mess up while performing surgery.

So what options do you have when you or a loved one becomes a victim of surgical errors?

At the law offices of Goldberg Finnegan, our team of highly educated lawyers have helped victims of medical malpractice in Washington D.C. to recover tens of millions of dollars in compensation for their losses and can help review your potential compensation claim.

We proudly offer surgical error victims 100% FREE case reviews to help determine if you have a valid claim and we only get paid when we obtain a recovery for your claim.

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How Do Surgical Errors Usually Happen?

The medical field has had many advances in medicine over the recent years, but it is still possible that surgeries can go wrong.

Surgical errors can happen for a variety of reasons, and the consequences to the victim can range from minor pain, to permanent injury, to something as serious as death. It has been estimated that 195,000 people sadly die each year because of surgical errors made that should have been prevented.

So many things can go wrong in the operating room including:

  • Wrong dosage of anesthesia
  • Damage caused to tissue

…. And in some extreme cases, the person may get operated in the entirely wrong spot of their body!

It is important to understand that even though you may sign a consent form, you are not signing away your right to quality and diligent care.

I Might Be A Victim, What Are My Options?

When a serious and potentially life threatening mistake happens, the medical health care professional needs to be held accountable.

That is where the Goldberg Finnegan comes in. Our highly qualified and experienced attorneys are available to answer the many questions that you have, and to let you know the options that are available to you.

Our attorneys understand that this is an emotional and confusing time for you, and they will make the process as smooth as possible for you. You can feel comforted in knowing that our lawyers have your best interest at heart and they know how to prepare an effective and solid case.

How Our Surgical Error Lawyers Can Help You

Establishing medical malpractice is often a very difficult task as there can be many obstacles that prevent victims from obtaining the truth about their surgery.

Fortunately, the lawyers at our firm have many years of experience handling these types of cases and can help push past those barriers.

For example: simply obtaining a copy of your surgical records can be very helpful in proving in court that the injury could have been avoided and if all safety protocols were followed or not. We can help to review your medical records and prepare a solid case to show the judge, and in doing so the person who injured you will be held accountable.

We will help you handle situations concerning things like medical bills, compensation for lost wages or income, and they will even help you decide if you should contact the doctor who caused the injury. Many of our clients often find it comforting to know that our law firm is committed to help innocent victims and will not represent the at fault party so you will never have to worry about a conflict of interest.

We truly do have your best interest at heart.

If you believe that you or a loved one is a victim of surgical error, please contact our law firm for a free case evaluation by calling (888) 213-8140 today.