This time of year, according to the Montgomery Police Chief, car collisions tend to significantly increase. Sometimes as many as 135 additional collisions can happen during the holiday season. These crashes are often attributed to driving under the influence as well as distracted driving.

Police Lieutenant David McBain in Montgomery County urges motorists to practice diligence by always designating a sober driver. Even one drink can impair a drivers function, so it is important that the designated driver completely abstain from all alcohol.

Other recommendations include hiring car services such as Uber, Lyft or local area taxis.  Montgomery County has partnered with the Be My Designated Driver program. Services include hiring a personal driver; getting a driver to pick up a car and transport customers safely back; and picking up guests from an event and transporting them safely back.

The Chief of Police in Montgomery County, Tom Manger, also attributes a major cause of roadway accidents to distracted driving. He encourages drivers to pay special attention to the roads this holiday season by making sure cellphones and other electronic devices are completely put away so that drivers wont be tempted.

Full focus and attention should be given to driving, especially during this season.  Pedestrians and cyclists should also use extra caution, as Manger reports that nine out of the 11 pedestrian fatalities that happened this year were due to pedestrian behavior.

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