General Motors may have put the owners of new Corvettes in danger of facing charges for illegal wiretapping thanks to the valet mode included as part of the sports car.

The $55,000 Corvette comes with additional technology which allows drivers to monitor their car while they are not in it, for example: when it is being valeted or driven by a stranger. The feature, which includes audio, video, and driving data surveillance, also locks storage compartments and disables entertainment systems.

Wiretapping Laws Prohibit Clandestine Recording

While valet mode may give Corvette owners peace of mind when another person is driving their car, General Motors failed to consider that several states, including Maryland, make it a crime to record someone without his or her consent.

Though many states and the federal government allow individuals to record other people without their permission, states like Maryland require consent from the person being recorded. If a person is recorded without his or her permission, the owner of the Corvette may not only be liable for civil damages, but could face felony wiretapping charges.

General Motors sent a letter to both drivers and dealers warning them of the potential legal liability for using valet mode in states like Maryland. The letter advises drivers to obtain the consent of the valets, passengers, or other occupants who may be recorded, or suggests leaving valet mode turned off.

Problems with GM Vehicles Mounting

Since these potential legal problems from the Corvettes valet mode do not pose a safety threat, GM will not be issuing a recall, unlike previous vehicle issues which have plagued the automaker.

General Motors has recalled over 29 million vehicles worldwide for safety issues this year most notably, it was forced to issue major recalls after reports linked a defective ignition switch to engine shutoffs while driving. At least 13 defects are blamed on this particular defect.

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