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Premises Liability LawyersWhen someone holds property and either rents it, or uses it for business purposes then he needs to make sure that there is nothing hazardous or dangerous for others on the premises.

This is because an injury or illness caused by poor maintenance, or building structure, must be compensated for. In other words, the injured party can take legal action and sue for negligence. This is a part of the premises liability law, which addresses any issue that may injure or harm a person while on the premises.

If you have been injured while on premises owned by another individual or company, you may be eligible for compensation.

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What Makes for a Good Premises Liability Case?

This will differ because every situation and building is different. Every state has different statutes and different circumstances affect the incident and so the legal outcome of a premises liability case.

The amount of danger or liability depends on the property and what that property is being used for when the accident happens. For instance, if the building is being used as an industrial site, which contains power tools, heavy machinery and chemicals, the premises liability is much larger. The same holds true for large commercial businesses that see large amounts of people come through the store.

However, a home is less liable but a home owner who has visitors or workers in the home should offer reasonable safety measures for them.

Generally speaking, if the injury is work related, it is usually covered by workers compensation, however if the injury occurs to a store customer then there is not anything but the resources from a liability case to cover costs of the injury.

There are all sorts of outcomes to Premises liability cases, and some injuries make for good cases while others don't. This is why there are now established legal precedents in which an attorney can tell you whether you actually have a good premises liability case or not. Some of the most common premises are:

  • An injury caused by an elevator
  • Injuries caused by a porch collapsing
  • An injury caused by slipping and falling
  • Injuries caused by the collapse of stairs
  • Mercury poisoning
  • Swimming pool injury
  • Illness caused by lead paint poisoning

When you have suffered an injury, you often don't know what to do, because most people just don't face this type of situation on a daily basis. However the best thing you can do immediately following the injury is contact a skilled premises liability lawyer. Their expert advice can better inform you whether your injuries warrant a premises liability suit or not.

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Attorney Kevin FinneganYou may have doubts about contacting a good injury lawyer, and this is normal as most people don t know if their injuries warrant a law suit or not.

However, you shouldn't wait too long before seeking expert advice as this may hurt your chances of actually making a claim, and you should not just openly settle with an insurance company either.

Settling with an owner without legal counsel often leaves you with a much lower settlement than what you needed.

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