Hip Replacement Surgery is a major surgery involving significant risk and also significant pain and suffering during the rehabilitation process. I was actually surprised to see how low the median verdicts/settlements of these cases were in Maryland, DC and Virginia according to the most recent issue Metro Verdicts Monthly. In Maryland the median verdict for a hip replacement injury is reported to be $385,000.00.

In Washington, D.C. The median verdict for a hip replacement injury is reported to be $175,000.00 and in Northern Virginia the median verdict for a hip replacement injury is reported as $275,000.00. Of course every case is different and a lot would depend on the extent of pain and suffering and complications that an individual hip replacement plaintiff has. Also, in certain hip replacement cases such as those relating to the Depuy Hip (ASR Model)-a defective prosthetic hip joint put on the market by Depuy Orthopedics-there will likely be punitive damages awarded against Depuy since it is a product liability case and just a negligence case.

The bottom line is that hip replacement surgery is a major surgery and it involves a LOT of pain, suffering and a significant rehabilitation period. Also, hip replacements don’t usually last forever and a lot of people will need revision surgeries. Those with the defective Depuy hip are apparently needing revision surgery within a very short period of time after their initial surgery.

Bottom Line – if you have suffered a hip injury and need hip replacement surgery or a revision – or if you have a Depuy Hip that you believe may be defective – call a personal injury lawyer from Goldberg Finnegan at (888) 213-8140. We understand these injuries and know how to present damages relating to hip injuries to a jury in a manner that takes future medical care (revision surgeries) into consideration and will fight hard to make sure that you are properly compensated.