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Adoption LawyersHave you and your family decided to bring a needy child into your loving, Silver Spring household?

For the adoptive family, adoption is a big step to take. It is a critical decision which will positively affect them for the rest of their lives.

However, there are many legal steps that need to be taken during the process and the team of experienced Silver Spring family law lawyers at Goldberg Finnegan can help you sort out the complicated adoptions laws and assist you in adopting a child.

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Common Types of Adoptions

Did you know that recent surveys have show that 6 in 10 Americans are personally affected by adoption? This means that the majority of Americans either are or know someone who has been adopted, has adopted someone, or put a child up for adoption.

Adopting serves a crucial role in society and there are a number of different ways to adopt a child, some of these include:

  • Private
  • By Step-Parent
  • By Relative
  • Contested
  • By Foster Parent
  • International

It is a sad fact that millions of children around the world are born into situations where they do not have parents willing or capable of raising them. As such, it is a moral duty of society to help find and provide these children with a stable home.

How A Lawyer Can Assist During The Adoption Process

Even as frequent as the practice takes place in the United States, the process is still rather complex. There are many factors involved in the process to adopt a child. First, an adoptive family must decide whether to adopt through a private or public agency.

Once an application is made, there are several steps that must be taken before the parental rights of the birth parents are terminated and rights are transferred to the adoptive family.

At the law offices of Goldberg Finnegan, our Family Law lawyers in Maryland can help facilitate this process. After all, the goal of adoption should be to provide a loving source of support for a child as quickly as possible, not to get tangled up in unnecessary legal concerns while a child is left yearning for a family.

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Kevin GoldbergAre you or someone you know looking to adopt a child?

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