Highlights Included Passage of Three Pieces of Landmark Legislation, Expansion of Public Service Projects And Increase in Association Membership

Montgomery County, Maryland (May 19, 2010) – Kevin I. Goldberg, a founding partner at Silver Spring-based Goldberg Finnegan, LLC, has concluded his presidency of the Maryland Association for Justice. Goldberg’s year-long term was highlighted by the passing of landmark legislation, the continued expansion of public safety projects to help and protect Maryland residents, and growth in the Association’s membership by about 10 percent.

Goldberg credits the full membership of the association for their achievements during his time in office. “It was a year of milestones and successes as we were able to bring many important consumer advocacy issues to the forefront of our state legislature, and pass multiple bills to address outdated legislation as a result” said Goldberg. “I am fortunate that I was awarded the opportunity to work with a team of legal professionals who are dogged in supporting the Association’s overall mission of keeping Maryland families safe.”

During Goldberg’s tenure, the Maryland Association for Justice’s legislative committee spearheaded the passing of three pieces of landmark legislation to help Maryland consumers. The first was legislation that increased the minimum amount of bodily harm liability coverage in an automobile insurance policy from $20,000 to $30,000 for an individual injury and from $40,000.00to $60,000 for accidents resulting in multiple injuries. This minimum had not been increased since 1972, while the cost of medical care resulting from automobile crash injuries has dramatically increased over the past three decades.

The second piece of legislation passed makes it clear that health insurance companies must pay for health care provided as a result of car accidents, and they cannot reduce health insurance benefits for personal injury protection benefits. The third piece of legislation, seeking to change the Maryland Constitution, added a question to the upcoming November ballot to increase the threshold for a jury trial from $10,000 to $15,000. This legislation provides accident victims with a more timely court case and preserves judicial resources by hearing smaller cases in District Court, which are tried by a judge without a jury.

Under Goldberg’s leadership, the Association continued to play an active role in numerous public service projects including the purchase and distribution of bike helmets to children, providing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to low income neighborhoods in conjunction with the Baltimore City Fire Department and distributing educational supplies to disadvantaged schools. Goldberg explained that “Maryland trial lawyers see community service as an extension of what we do in the Courtroom every day. Whether in the courtroom, in the state legislature, or in the community, I can tell you that members of the Maryland Association for Justice are 100 percent committed to protecting Maryland citizens and preserving their access to the civil justice system.”

Upon completion of his presidency, Goldberg is parlaying his expertise outside of Maryland to represent small businesses and fishermen in Louisiana who have been impacted by the catastrophic BP Gulf Oil Spill.

About Goldberg Finnegan, LLC:

Goldberg Finnegan, LLC handles medical malpractice and catastrophic injury cases throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia. Both partners (Kevin Goldberg and Kevin Finnegan) were selected by their peers for inclusion in Maryland Super Lawyers and Washington, D.C. Super Lawyers in 2009 and 2010. For additional information, visit www.goldbergfinnegan.com.

About the Maryland Association for Justice:

Founded in 1954, the Maryland Association for Justice is dedicated to keeping families safe. The Association helps individuals harmed by the unsafe behavior of others obtain meaningful redress through the civil justice system. The Association zealously guards the right to trial by jury, vigorously advocates on behalf of consumers’ legal rights, seeks to advance excellence in trial advocacy through continuing legal education and member services, and is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity.