On Saturday there was a fatal car crash in Silver Spring Maryland in which a vehicle driven by Jose Ovidio Martinez Lopez hit a tree after leaving the roadway on Dilston Road (near Avenel Road) in Silver Spring, MD. Tragically, Jose Guillermo Tista Lemus was killed in this crash. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Mr. Lemus. Mr. Lopez was driving a 1994 Volkswagen Jetta at the time of the crash.

Anyone who witnessed the crash should call the Montgomery County Maryland Police Collision Reconstruction Unit at 301-840-2435. It is important that the family of Mr. Lemus retain an attorney as soon as possible. In a car crash such as this, it is crucial that a proper fact investigation be done right away. It is not sufficient to rely on the police investigation alone. If, for example, the crash was the result of defects in the Volkswagen Jetta, then it is important that the Volkswagen Jetta involved in the crash be inspected and preserved as evidence. Failure to preserve evidence can make it impossible to pursue a product liability claim later. It does not cost anything up front to hire a personal injury attorney in a serious car accident case such as this.

In Maryland, when an individual is killed as a result of negligence or product defect, several legal claims arise. The estate of the person killed has a Survival Claim. In addition, the spouse, children and parents of Mr. Lemus can make a wrongful death claim.

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All too often those seriously injured or killed in car accidents wait too long to hire an attorney, and as a result evidence is lost or destroyed. Skid Marks on the roadway can fade away. Vehicles that contain parts that may have malfunctioned are destroyed. If the evidence necessary to prove a case is lost, then it may not be possible to prevail. That is just one reason why we urge accident victims and their families to hire an attorney as soon as an accident occurs.