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Is Purchasing the Minimum Car Insurance Enough in Maryland?

In Maryland, drivers must carry a specific amount of automobile insurance to cover liabilities in the event of a car crash. However, the minimum coverage amounts may not be enough to cover all the damages that may result, leaving you on the hook for anything… Read More

Can I Be Compensated if My Car Crash Was Caused by Bad Weather?

Snow, ice, heavy rain, fog and other poor weather conditions contribute to many car crashes. When a collision occurs under these conditions, it can be difficult to determine fault. However, drivers still have the responsibility to operate their vehicles… Read More

When Drivers Have Different Accounts of a Collision

After a car crash, parties involved may have differing opinions and stories about what happened leading up to and during a collision. Differing accounts of a crash make it difficult to determine who is at fault. Our Silver Spring car crash attorneys… Read More

Do I Have a Case if I Was Hit in a Crash but Not Injured?

Many car accidents cause visible injuries that are obvious to everyone involved. However, there are other accidents where victims may feel shaken up, however they may not notice any obvious signs of an injury. When this happens, victims may avoid seeking… Read More

Should I Release My Medical Records to the Other Driver's Insurance Adjuster or Lawyer?

Insurance companies often contact accident victims soon after the accident to fish for information they can use to deny or devalue their claim. That is why they may ask you to sign over your medical records. Below, learn more about why it may be a bad… Read More

What to Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident

When there is a car accident, even a minor one, both drivers are expected to stop and exchange information and may be required to call the police. Unfortunately, there are times when one driver flees the scene. If you have been the victim of a hit-and-run… Read More

Will I Still Be Able to Pursue Compensation After an Accident with an Uninsured Driver?

An automobile accident with an uninsured driver leaves many Maryland victims panicked. Can you still pursue compensation when a driver is uninsured? Our Silver Spring car accident lawyers detail what you need to know about filing a claim for damages… Read More

Seeking Compensation for Injuries Received as a Rideshare Passenger in a Car Accident

Rideshare companies are quite popular among people in Maryland and throughout the country. Used for many reasons, these services give commuters more travel options that are typically more affordable than taxis or private cars. Unfortunately, car accidents… Read More

What Are Some Misconceptions Regarding Car Accident Injury Claims?

Many injured drivers and passengers hold misconceptions about car accident injury claims. A little bit of research can often prove these misconceptions false. For example, there is no guarantee of you receiving fair compensation, even when the other driver… Read More

Pedestrian-Related Fatalities in Maryland Increase by 25 Percent

Pedestrians hit by motor vehicles often sustain serious or even fatal injuries because they do not have any protection. According to a new report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), the number of pedestrian-related fatalities… Read More

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