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What to Tell Your Doctor About Your Car Crash Injuries

After a car accident, what you tell the doctor about your crash injuries is critical. Leaving out even minor symptoms could prevent you from quickly getting the medical care you need. Doctors undergo significant training to recognize visible symptoms… Read More

What if My Elderly Parent Causes a Crash?

As parents age, there are many concerns adult children may have, such as driving. While being older does not automatically affect someone's driving abilities, the aging process can make some people less safe behind the wheel. This is especially true if… Read More

Can Memory Loss After a Crash Hurt My Claim?

Suffering short-term memory loss after a crash sometimes happens. However, for some injured victims, the memory loss could affect them much longer. Victims with severe memory loss often wonder if they can still file a claim. How can you provide a solid… Read More

Who Could Be Liable if a Lane Change Causes a Crash?

Changing lanes is a tricky but necessary maneuver all drivers should be able to do safely. To reduce the risk of a crash, drivers need to take certain measures before trying to move into another lane. However, you could still get injured in a lane-change… Read More

Can I File a Car Crash Claim on Behalf of My Child?

Parents go to great extremes to keep their children safe. Yet sometimes, despite your best efforts, events can happen that are out of your control. What can you do, for instance, if your child is injured in a car crash? Is it possible to file a damages… Read More

Do I Always Need Emergency Medical Care After a Crash?

Most accident victims are initially in shock, which means they may not even be aware of their injury symptoms or any pain. That is why many victims wait to seek treatment. However, waiting to seek emergency medical care after a crash could put both your… Read More

How to Prove Liability for a Crash at a Four-Way Stop

About 25 percent of all traffic accidents happen in intersections. At certain intersections, such as a four-way stop, crashes often happen when drivers fail to yield the right of way. How do investigators determine who was liable in this type of crash?… Read More

Who Pays if a Falling Object Causes My Car to Crash?

What happens if cargo falls off of another vehicle while you are driving? If that falling object hits your car and causes you to crash, who pays for your damages? Is the at-fault party always the driver of the vehicle carrying cargo? At Goldberg Finnegan,… Read More

What if I Have a Crash While Driving a Rental Car?

Rental car crashes raise more questions about costs and liability than if you had an accident in your own vehicle. For instance, who pays for damages to the rental car? What about your medical costs if you were injured? Will there be other rental car… Read More

What Crash Victims Should Ask Before Agreeing to a Settlement

Car crashes are inconvenient and expensive for everyone involved. Injured victims suddenly have an unexpected pile of medical bills and other costs to manage. To vulnerable victims with little income, any settlement offer from the insurance company may… Read More

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