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Is a Tire Blowout Crash Covered by My Auto Insurance?

Tire blowouts happen quite often and can result in serious collisions, severe or fatal injuries and other damages. If you were injured in a tire blowout crash, would your car insurance cover your losses? This article discusses more about accidents caused… Read More

Who Pays for Damages if a Driver Fell Asleep and Hit My Car?

Operating a vehicle or any machinery while fatigued is extremely dangerous, for you and those around you. Unfortunately, it happens more often than you may think. In fact, the National Safety Council (NSC) reported that drowsy driving crashes account… Read More

I Have an Expired Tag – Can I Still File a Car Crash Claim?

People occasionally miss important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries - or deadlines for paying certain bills. However, what happens if you forgot to renew your registration? Can you still file a claim if you get into a car crash while driving with… Read More

Who Pays for Crashes Caused by Failed Brakes?

Taking care of your vehicle helps to maintain its value while making it safer on the road. Proper maintenance is also your duty of care and may help to prevent a crash due to failed brakes. At Goldberg Finnegan, we are dedicated to helping crash victims… Read More

Red Light Crashes in Maryland and Who May Be at Fault

Far too many people are killed in red light crashes each year by drivers who ignore traffic signals. Motorists who break the law in this way risk causing serious harm to themselves and others. At Goldberg Finnegan, we are deeply committed to helping… Read More

How and When Do I Benefit from Attorney Client Privilege?

Attorney-client privilege is a common legal term. While most people have heard of it, many clients have questions about how it works. For instance, when does this protection begin? Do you have to hire an attorney first? Does this protection apply to an… Read More

What Happens If Injured in a Collision Caused by an Excluded Driver?

There are times when an insurance company or policyholder may opt to exclude a driver from an auto insurance policy. Insurance companies often do this to prevent high-risk drivers from operating insured vehicles. Policyholders, on the other hand, may… Read More

What Are the Risks of Crush Injuries After a Car Crash?

Traffic accidents can cause serious harm to all involved. Victims who sustain crush injuries in a car crash face several risks, which could be irreversible or life-threatening without immediate medical intervention.  At Goldberg Finnegan, we have seen… Read More

Is the Driver Always at Fault if a Car Hits a Pedestrian?

When a collision happens between a vehicle and a pedestrian, it is usually due to driver error, negligence or recklessness. Drivers owe a duty of care to pedestrians to take reasonable steps to avoid causing them harm. This duty applies even if a pedestrian… Read More

Can I Get a Second Opinion About My Injuries During a Car Crash Claim?

After a car crash, there is nothing more important than getting immediate medical attention, a proper diagnosis of any injuries you incurred and a treatment plan. Beyond that, it is critical, both for your health and any legal claim you may seek, to stick… Read More

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