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Posted on behalf of Goldberg Finnegan, LLC on Feb 24, 2011 in Car Accidents

I hate red light cameras and hate those speed cameras even more. That said, today there was an interesting article in the Washington Post about the use of red light cameras on Maryland roads.

To summarize--The State and counties are making a ton of money on these cameras, there are 37 intersections in Montgomery County Maryland with the cameras (the amount could double in 5 years), Montgomery County removed the camera from Great Seneca and Longdraft because they were not making enough money on it, and Washington D.C. made $7.2 Million in 2009 on red light cameras. Oh yeah - one more thing - the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety fond that traffic related fatalities in Washington D.C. intersections dropped 26 % at intersections with cameras from 2004-2008.

If you have read this far, here is a gift for you (courtesy of the Washington Post). --a list of the Montgomery County Maryland intersections where there are red light cameras:

  • Old Georgetown Road and Edson Lane
  • Rockville Pike and Grosvenor
  • Frederick Road and Shady Grove
  • Rte 29 and Dale Drive
  • Rte 29 and Fairland Lane
  • Georgia and Randolph
  • N. Frederick Road and Montgomery Village Ave.
  • River Road and Goldsboro,
  • Georgia and Norbeck
  • East University and Colesville
  • Georgia and Connecticut
  • Wisconsin Ave. (northbound) and Montgomery Lane
  • Shady Grove and Research
  • Connecticut (northbound) and Randolph
  • East Gude and Southlawn
  • New Hampshire and Lockwood
  • Rockville Pike and Halpine
  • University and Inwood
  • Colesville and Fenton
  • River Road and Wilson Lane
  • New Hampshire Ave. (SB) and Dilston
  • Georgia (SB) and Colesville
  • Mid-County Highway and Goshen
  • Veirs Mill (SB) and Twinbrook Parkway
  • Veirs Mill and Reedie
  • Veirs Mill (NB) and Newport Mill
  • Randolph (westbound) and Kemp Mill
  • Md. Rte. 124 and Firstfield
  • Randolph (westbound) and Selfridge Road
  • Randolph (Eastbound) and Dewey Road
  • E. Gude Drive (westbound) and Crabbs Branch
  • Redland Road (eastbound) and Crabbs Branch
  • Shady Grove and Briardale Road
  • Rte. 355 (south) and Middlebrook
  • Georgia Ave. (SB) and 16th Street
  • Connecticut (northbound) and Knowles Lane
  • Rockville Pike (NB) and First Street
  • Shady Grove (westbound) and Rte 355 (Frederick Road)
  • Wisconsin Ave. (southbound) and Cheltenham Drive

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