Washington, D.C. is notorious for being an accident-prone city. The districts drivers face long commutes averaging 30 minutes or more, sharing the road with other motorists that many may describe as less-than-courteous. D.C. commuters get into accidents more frequently than those in other areas of the country, and in a recent Allstate survey, D.C. was ranked one of the most dangerous cities to drive in.

On a list ranking 200 of the nations largest cities, D.C. came in at No. 198. Allstate says that D.C.-area drivers can expect to have an accident almost every five years, or 5.1 years to be exact. In comparison to the rest of the insurance company’s data, this means drivers in our city have odds of being involved in a crash that are 97.3% worse than the rest of the U.S. cities surveyed. Only Boston and Worcester, Mass. achieved lower rankings on Allstate’s list, with Boston drivers averaging less than 4.5 years between collisions. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Fort Collins, Colo. drivers had the best odds, going approximately 14.2 years before having another crash.

According to a February 2014 survey from HR services provider TriNet, the D.C. area has several factors working against it which worsen the daily commute. One of them is the job density in the Beltway. D.C. employers are also less likely to provide flexible schedules for employees than their west-coast counterparts in cities like San Diego. With all these commuters driving through one area, the incidence of collisions is likely to be greater than that in cities where shifting schedules account for an easier flow of traffic.

While D.C. accidents resulting in property damage or injury may be higher than in most areas, crash statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reflect a downward trend in the number of D.C. car accident fatalities: In 2008, 34 people died in fatal accidents, with that number dwindling to less than half (15 fatalities) in 2012.

Auto accidents in Washington, D.C. are very often the result of negligence. If you or someone you love was involved in a car crash in the Baltimore-D.C. area, you are entitled to damages from the responsible party. A reputable Washington DC car accident lawyer may be able to help.

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