There was a car crash on 16th Street in Silver Spring Maryland on Friday night. A Honda Accord was attempting to avoid a Ride-On Bus. The Honda driver swerved to avoid hitting the bus, and apparently the car flipped over and the driver was tragically killed. The accident is still being investigated by police and if you witnessed this crash on 16th Street in Silver Spring, Maryland you should call 301-840-2435 which is the number for the Maryland Car Accident Reconstruction Unit.

I did not see this crash and have no first-hand knowledge of how it occurred, but I can tell you that the bus operators in Silver Spring, MD who operate the Ride-On Busses and the Metro Busses can be ruthless. I often see them slamming on their brakes unexpectedly, making unsafe lane changes, running red lights and exceeding the speed limit.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the person killed in this crash. Although a lawsuit is not generally on a grieving family’s mind, in a case like this it is important to get good legal representation on board right away. First of all, police investigations of bus accidents often are flawed in favor of the bus operator who is, like the Maryland police investigating the crash, seen by the police as a public employee. Also, in a fatal crash, unfortunately the operator of the Honda who was killed cannot give his version of the story. Evidence can fade. Skid marks can disappear. An INDEPENDENT investigation is crucial and it should be done soon after the crash.

Another reason to consider legal representation right away is because if there is a product liability claim relating to the Honda Accord or the roadway condition(s), then the vehicle needs to be preserved and cannot be junked or destroyed. A Silver spring auto accident lawyer can help make sure that crucial evidence such as the vehicle itself and skid marks, do not disappear as they often do in the days and weeks immediately after a fatal Maryland car accident.

Any Maryland family who loses a loved one in a car accident should also make a prompt personal injury protection claim (PIP Claim) with the car insurance policy covering the vehicle the person was operating and/or the operator’s car insurance policy. PIP in Maryland generally covers funeral expenses and it is a no fault insurance that will be paid right away before a liability investigation is complete. The amount of coverage varies from $2,500.00 to $10,000.00. For more information about Maryland PIP claims and Maryland uninsured motorist claims visit our website or call our Silver Spring injury lawyers at (888) 213-8140.

The family of the person killed in this accident with the Ride-On Bus should also know that proper notice of the claim must be filed within 6 months of the crash pursuant to the Local Government Tort Claims Act. A lawyer can make sure that this requirement is complied with. This is an additional statutory requirement in addition to the 3 year Maryland statute of limitations for general negligence claims.