A couple of days ago our firm obtained a verdict of $188,467 on behalf of a client who was rear ended in a car accident back in 2006. Our client’s vehicle sustained significant property damage, and she had a back injury.

The case went to trial before Judge Bernhardt in Howard County, Maryland. The Silver Spring personal injury lawyers who presented the case to the jury were Kevin Finnegan and Tad Farrington. The insurance company for the defendant driver made a lowball offer of only $37,000.00 prior to the trial arguing that much of her medical treatment was unrelated to the accident and that her injuries were not permanent.

The verdict was over five times the amount of the insurance companies settlement offer. Our Maryland lawyers fight hard for our clients, and do whatever it takes to make sure that insurance companies treat our clients fairly. I believe that there are many law firms out there that do not like to try cases, and they would have tried to convince their client to accept the low offer from the insurance company.

Every personal injury lawsuit is different and factors such as the venue/county where the case will be litigated, how the plaintiff will present, and the strength of the evidence have to be taken into consideration.

At Goldberg Finnegan, LLC we are proud of the fact that when insurance companies make a low settlement offer to our clients, we will, when appropriate, hold their feet to the fire and take the case to trial. Howard County, Maryland is known for having a conservative jury pool, and there are not many good plaintiff verdicts from that jurisdiction. Our Silver Spring, MD car accident attorneys have had great success in getting great verdicts in personal injury cases/car accident cases in the tougher venues in Maryland such as Howard County, Montgomery County, and Calvert County. We believe that the insurance companies know that our firm goes to trial-we are trial lawyers-we are litigators-and we are NOT a settlement factory.

That fact alone encourages the insurance companies to offer our clients better settlement offers in many of our cases. Kevin Finnegan and Tad Farrington did a great job on this case. This comes as no surprise.

Kevin Finnegan is listed in Maryland Super Lawyer for 2008 and 2009. Tad Farrington obtained the biggest verdict ever in a car accident case in Calvert County, Maryland.