Are you concerned about what it might cost to meet with a lawyer after an accident? Are you concerned you will have to file a lawsuit if you talk to an attorney? Do you think an attorney will take a huge chunk of your settlement to cover your costs?

Unfortunately, these are common misconceptions accidents victims often have about meeting with an attorney. These ideas are often put in their heads by the insurance company, which would like nothing more than for victims to think they should handle the legal process alone.

Below, learn why these and other ideas are incorrect and how talking to a lawyer after an accident can benefit you. Our knowledgeable Silver Spring personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation to discuss what happened and review what you may be able to do next.

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What You Need to Know About Free Consultations

Free consultations are typically the first step in the legal process and designed to help both attorneys and potential clients. A free consultation provides many benefits to both you and our law firm:

  • Learn if your case may be valid: That way we know if we may be able to help you and we can explain what the next steps may be.
  • What you say is confidential: Although this initial meeting does not create any official client-attorney agreement, what you say in this free legal consultation is still confidential and legally protected. Therefore, it is in your best interest to be completely open when discussing your accident.
  • Get free answers to your legal questions: We encourage you to ask questions that pertain to the legal process and your potential case. We are here to answer your questions and address your concerns.
  • No face-to-face meeting required: For those who are unable to come to our office, we are prepared to initiate a free legal consultation on the phone or via videoconferencing.
  • There is no obligation to hire our firm:  Even if we find that your case is valid, you may still be unsure if you want to file a claim. You are not obligated to hire us, the decision about what to do next rests with you. Meeting with an attorney helps victims learn more about their claim and the benefits of legal representation, helping them to make an informed decision about their claim.

There is no upfront cost to meet with a lawyer and you will not be obligated to file a lawsuit or hire one of our attorneys. Meeting with a lawyer benefits you, and despite what the insurance company may tell you, the meeting is risk-free.

Questions the Attorney May Ask You

It is important to be prepared for an initial consultation so you can get the greatest benefit from it. Your attorney will want to discuss the incident in detail to determine if there may be a case.

Common questions accident victims are likely to be asked in the first meeting may include:

How Did the Accident Happen?

We recommend you write down what you remember about the accident before you meet with the attorney. Small details could be important.

Essential facts about the accident your attorney needs to know includes:

  • What other parties were involved in the accident?
  • If relevant, such as for a car crash, describe the road conditions and weather
  • What do you remember happening right before the accident?
  • Did anyone else see what happened?

Did You Seek Medical Care?

Whether or not you sustained any visible injuries, it is important to seek immediate medical care after an accident. Many injuries may be hidden, such as a traumatic brain injury or internal organ damage. The only way these and other types of injuries can be found and treated is through a professional medical diagnosis.

If you did not seek medical care after an accident, it can also make it harder to prove your case. The insurance company or attorney for the plaintiff is likely to argue you could have gotten injured elsewhere.

Do You Share Any Fault for What Happened?

In Maryland, it important to remember that if you share any fault for the accident that caused your injury, you are not eligible to seek compensation for your damages.

For a case to be valid, another party must have been fully responsible for causing your injuries.

Our lawyers are also prepared for your questions. People often ask about the legal process, including how long it might take, how to pay your medical bills and what to do if the insurance company denies the claim.

Discuss Your Legal Options in a Free Case Review

Schedule your free case review today to learn more about your legal options. We have a team of legal professionals who are dedicated to holding at-fault parties accountable for their negligent actions. There is no cost or obligation to you if we take your case, either up front or during the legal process. We do not collect our fees until the end of the case, and only if we recover compensation for you.