Attention to our friends in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia– there have been 6 crashes in the last 72 hours at the entrance to northbound 495 between the Springfield Interchange and Braddock Road. The Washington Beltway (I-495) recently added several new express lane entrances to northbound 495, and as a result of this new roadway condition drivers are confused and making mistakes. You must have an EZ Pass to use the new express lanes. Apparently drivers are realizing that they need an EZ Pass, and then making abrupt lane changes and this is causing the accidents (Frankly, the roadway is not marked very well). PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

To address this problem the lane markings have been extended and crews are planning to add roadway markings as far out as a mile before the express lanes warning of the need for an EZ Pass in the left lanes.

The 6 crashes all occurred adjacent to the northbound express lanes near the Springfield Interchange and Braddock Road.

Anyone injured as a result of these new roadway markings should consider contacting a Silver Spring personal injury lawyer. We provide free telephone consultations to accident victims and there is no attorney fee unless we make a recovery for you.

This roadway project was undertaken by Virginia Transportation Department and two private companies named Transurban and Fluor. They say that the new design is to decrease congestion, but in my opinion it was done just to make more money off of the toll roads.

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