Although nothing in this post creates an attorney client relationship, here is some free advice to anyone injured in the Ride-On Bus Crash on Rockville Pike and Nicholson Avenue in Rockville, Maryland on April 22, 2013: Make sure you consult with an attorney and put Montgomery County on “Notice” of your claim as soon as possible. A personal injury lawyer can be helpful in making sure this is done correctly. The personal injury lawyers at our law firm are handling claims arising from this bus accident and our preliminary opinion is that the crash was the result of the negligence of the bus operator and/or other employees of Ride-On (possible brake failure/negligent maintenance claims).

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Ride-On is owned by Montgomery County Maryland. Therefore, injury claims against Ride On (or the bus operator) will fall under the Maryland Local Government Tort Claims Act which requires that proper notice be sent to the Montgomery County Executive by certified mail within 180 days of the bus crash.

Those injured in the crash should also notify their own automobile insurance company of the incident as there is a cap on claims under the Local Government Tort Claims Act of $500,000.00 per incident (for all claims). Since there were apparently about 12 vehicles involved in the collision, and likely numerous bus passengers injured as well, it is quite possible that the total value of all of the personal injury claims from the collision could exceed $500,000.00. In that case, those injured can make a claim with their own uninsured motorist carrier. Those injured in the crash should also make a claim for personal injury protection benefits (usually $2,500.00 but up to $10,000.00 in Maryland). A claim for Personal Injury Protection Benefits, also known as PIP benefits, requires that an application be filed with your own insurance company within a year of the incident. Our website has detailed information about Maryland Personal Injury Benefits and Maryland Uninsured Motorist Benefits.

Our law firm is handling claims arising from this Ride ON Bus Crash and we are happy to discuss your potential claim with you. A car accident lawyer from our team can provide a free phone consultation, and if you hire us, there is no attorney fee or costs owed if there is no recovery in the case. You will never receive a bill from us. We only get paid if there is a recovery in the case. For more information call us at (888) 213-8140.

Nothing in this blog post creates an attorney client relationship. Our firm cannot and does not represent you in your particular claim unless and until a retainer agreement is signed with our law firm.