On Monday there was a terrible car accident involving a white van that crashed head on into a Toyota Camry at Alabama Ave. and 36th Street, SE in Washington, D.C. near Beers Elementary School. At least one person was killed and 4 children were seriously injured. The 4 children injured in the car crash were in the Camry. Neighbors have reported that the white van was speeding through the neighborhood prior to the crash and driving recklessly. News stations have also reported that the driver of the Toyota Camry involved in the crash has passed away.

After the head on collision, the van caught fire. The D.C. Police are still investigating the crash.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those injured and killed in this crash. The families of those involved should retain a Washington DC car accident attorney to investigate this crash and preserve evidence that may be crucial to the legal case. Unfortunately, all too often when there is a catastrophic car crash causing a wrongful death, the families of those involved in the crash are grieving and do not take the necessary steps to preserve evidence necessary to win the legal case.

A major problem is that in cases such as this there is often limited insurance coverage to compensate all of the victims. Therefore, the families of those involved need to consider legal claims not only against the negligent driver who caused the Washington, D.C. car accident, but also claims against the manufacturers of the vehicles to the extent that there might be a product liability claim. This requires that evidence, including the salvage of the vehicles, be preserved.

Also, there might be claims against the D.C. Government and in that case, there is a 180 deadline for putting them on notice via certified mail. There also might be claims relating to the maintenance of the roadway (this could be a claim against the D.C. Government).

My point is that it is not sufficient to rely on the D.C. police department to investigate the crash. Victims of serious car accidents need to hire a lawyer and/or private investigator to do what needs to be done to preserve their rights. Remember, that as the plaintiff/victim of an accident, if you go to Court you will have the burden of proof. That means that you must present evidence to prove your case. Skid marks disappear. Cars are repaired. Witnesses change their stories.

An accident lawyer knows how to act promptly to preserve the necessary evidence to prove the case, and in a serious crash such as the one on Monday night at Alabama Ave. and 36th Street, the lawyer will know to look beyond just the negligence of the driver of the van.

Questions that need to be considered include:

  • Was the negligent driver was working for a corporation at the time of the crash?
  • Was he on a cell phone or texting at the time of the crash?

There is a lot to consider. The insurance companies and their investigators involved in car accident cases should not be trusted as they are not going to protect your rights. They are more interested in protecting their bottom line, and frankly, are just as happy if crucial evidence disappears.

For more information about hiring a personal injury lawyer call the lawyers from Goldberg Finnegan at (888) 213-8140. When we handle a serious car accident case, there is no attorney fees or costs if there is no recovery.