A tractor trailer carrying a large load of lumber overturned on the road in Suitland Maryland near Camp Springs. The road has been Closed as a result of this truck accident. Fortunately, it does not seem that there were any serious injuries as a result of this incident.

Tractor Trailer accidents in Maryland typically cause very serious and life threatening injuries. Anyone injured as a result of a truck accident should be sure to hire a licensed truck accident attorney right away. Truck companies and their insurance companies are well known to play games with the investigation after a serious truck accident. Plus, there are federal regulations that only require truck drivers to keep their driver logs showing hours on the road and hours of rest for a very short time unless a proper preservation of evidence request is sent. These driver logs can contain key evidence that can establish a basis for punitive damages in truck crash cases.

After a serious truck accident in which people are injured, truck companies and their insurance companies almost always retain a law firm immediately and will try to get to witnesses first to get statements that help their interests. Truck companies will almost always hire a private accident reconstructionist to gather evidence if it helps the truck companies case, but to be sure evidence is not preserved if it does not help the truck company’s case. That is why it is so important that victims of tractor trailer negligence hire a personal injury lawyer that is experienced in handling truck crash cases right away – so that your case can be investigated on even footing with the tractor trailer company.