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One of the most common types of truck accidents involves vehicles being hit from behind by a large, commercial truck. When these accidents happen, many people sustain serious injuries, including whiplash and concussions. The sheer size and mass of trucks make the impact, even at low speeds, capable of causing substantial damage to your vehicle and posing a threat to the safety of both you and your passengers. When rear-end truck accidents occur, you may feel lost, but an experienced lawyer can help support you through this difficult time.

Rear-end truck accident cases are often complex but at Goldberg Finnegan, we know how to handle them. Our Maryland rear-end truck accident attorneys handle accident investigations, negotiations with insurance companies, and more while always putting your best interest first. After a rear-end truck accident, you deserve legal representation from an attorney who will fight for the maximum compensation you’re entitled to.

Why are rear-end truck accidents dangerous?

Weight and size

The large size and weight of big trucks make rear-end truck accidents extremely dangerous. These trucks can weigh as much as many cars put together, making them harder to control and stop quickly.

So, when a heavy truck crashes into a smaller vehicle from behind, it can cause a devastating impact. The truck's enormous weight amplifies the collision's force, resulting in severe damage and potentially life-threatening injuries for both the car and truck passengers. However, those in the smaller vehicles face a particularly high risk.

Brake time

In rear-end truck accidents, the time it takes for the big truck to stop or slow down is a big problem. Even if a truck driver tries to react quickly, trucks are so large they can't slowdown in time. Trucks take significantly more time to come to a stop compared to small cars, which is why rear-end accidents are common and are difficult to avoid. This delay in slowing down can lead to a truck colliding with another vehicle, leaving behind a trail of devastation, making these accidents so dangerous.


Rear-end truck accidents are extra dangerous because they can lead to pile-up incidents. When a big truck hits a smaller car from behind, it can start a chain reaction of crashes, often involving many vehicles. The first initial accident can set off a chain of events like falling dominoes. This can cause a messy and complicated situation on the road.

These pileup accidents result in not only a lot of damage to cars but also many injuries to drivers and passengers. When multiple vehicles are part of an accident, pileups can create significant traffic congestion and road blockages. These situations can make it challenging for law enforcement and medical services to try and reach the scene promptly. Individuals with injuries might not receive timely assistance, increasing the risk of potential fatalities.

Common causes of rear-end truck accidents

Rear-end truck accidents can result from a variety of factors, each contributing to the unique challenges and complexities these incidents present. Understanding the most common causes behind these accidents is pivotal in navigating their legal aftermath. Here, we delve into the key contributing factors:

  • Tailgating: When trucks follow other vehicles too closely it leaves truckers little room to react if the vehicle slows down or suddenly stops.
  • Speeding: If a truck driver needs to brake but is exceeding the speed limit, they more than often cannot stop in time and end up crashing into the vehicle in front of them.
  • Driver fatigue: Drowsy drivers have impaired judgment and slow reaction times, leading them to swerve into other lanes, not notice the flow of traffic in front of them, and ultimately cause a rear-end accident.
  • Distracted driving: Truck drivers who eat, text, or partake in other distractions behind the wheel may not notice the vehicle in front of them slowing down, potentially causing a rear-end accident.
  • Brake failure and other mechanical issues: When trucks are not serviced properly, mechanics can fail including brakes, increasing the risk of a rear-end accident occurring.
  • Lack of experience: Inexperienced truck drivers may be unfamiliar with appropriate following distances, braking techniques, and overall abilities on how to control a truck. This can lead them to collide with the vehicle in front of them.
  • Weather conditions: Poor weather conditions like rain, snow, and ice can make it difficult for a truck to properly brake. Instead, the tires may skid causing the truck to slide directly into the car in front of them.

Common rear-end truck accident injuries

Rear-end truck accidents can result in a wide range of injuries that vary in severity, from minor cuts to more life-threatening injuries. Coping with an injury also means dealing with the medical bills that follow.

No matter how hurt you were because of the accident, you deserve to focus on a full and speedy recovery while an experienced truck accident lawyer can work on the legal aspects of your case. Common injuries you may endure after a rear-end truck accident include:

  • Whiplash and other neck injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Internal injuries
  • Crushed limbs and amputations

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When involved in a rear-end accident with a truck in Maryland, you may suffer serious injuries, leaving you unable to work and in no condition to deal with insurance company tactics. This is where having an experienced truck accident attorney can make all the difference.

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