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Understanding Jackknife Truck Accidents

When a tractor-trailer jackknifes, negligence is often to blame

The Maryland truck accident attorneys at Goldberg Finnegan have a deep understanding of the traumatic experience associated with jackknife truck accidents. These incidents can result in severe injuries and extensive vehicle damage, often due to the negligence of others.

A jackknife truck accident occurs when a tractor-trailer's trailer folds back, forming a "V" shape, leading to multiple collisions and complex situations. Our experienced Maryland truck accident lawyers at Goldberg Finnegan empathize with victims of jackknife accidents and have a strong record of success in representing them and securing the compensation they deserve. If you've been involved in a jackknife truck accident, contact us for a free case evaluation. At no cost to you, a member of our team can answer your questions and explain your options.

Jackknife truck accidents and negligence

Jackknife truck accidents are often the result of negligence. The most common reasons for these crashes are illegal maneuvers and aggressive driving. Other factors in jackknife truck accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Tire blowout
  • Abrupt braking
  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigue
  • Brake malfunctions
  • Lack of vehicle maintenance
  • Inexperienced truck drivers
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, DUI, drunk driving

Who is liable in a jackknife truck accident?

Out of work and in a lot of pain, seriously injured victims of Maryland jackknife truck accidents need to know who is liable for their damages. In truck accidents, there may be more than one liable party. In addition to the driver, other people who may bear a degree of liability for your injuries include:

  • Trucking company
  • Truck owner (if not the driver)
  • Direct supervisor
  • Faulty parts manufacturer
  • Freight owner
  • Cargo loaders
  • Vehicle maintenance crews
  • Defective tire manufacturer

No matter who the liable party is, after a truck accident, it likely won't take long for their insurance provider to start pressuring you to sign away your rights and accept a minimal settlement. Don’t fall for it. It's your right to have an experienced, aggressive Maryland jackknife truck accident lawyer at your side every step of the compensation recovery process.

Truck accidents are complicated. Your lawyer’s experience matters

We understand that navigating the aftermath of such an accident can be confusing. Our attorneys possess the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process, allowing you to focus on your recovery. Remember: Don’t sign anything or make any recorded statements regarding your health or your accident without having your case evaluated, for free. Let a dedicated Maryland truck accident attorney from Goldberg Finnegan handle your claim. Contact us for a free evaluation today.

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